It Takes New Moms This Long To Settle Back Into The Workplace After Having A Baby

My kids are 12 and 14 years old and I'm still adjusting!

A poll of 1,000 working mothers who have had a child in the past five years found a fifth dreaded the idea of having to go back to work over fears they had ‘forgotten what to do’.


While 23 percent worried about the changes that had happened within their job role or company during their maternity leave.


Others had worries about the childcare juggling act and having to leave their child with someone else. But even when they did get back to the workplace, it took the average mum more than six months to get used to the commute.


As many as four in 10 also felt they had to ‘prove’ themselves to their colleagues and bosses, with 34 percent worried they were no longer good enough.


The study also found nearly four in 10 felt nervous before going back to work while a third was overwhelmed and self-conscious.


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1.            Leaving their baby/child with someone else

2.            Juggling childcare

3.            Having to take time off work when their baby/ child is ill

4.            Having to be more organized to get everything ready for work/ nursery/ school

5.            Dealing with changes that happened with the job/ company while they were on maternity leave

6.            Paying for childcare

7.            Fitting back into the job and knowing the role

8.            Fitting back into the team when their life had changed so much

9.            Forgetting what to do

10.         Feeling like they are still just as competent now as they were before the baby