Booze You Shouldn’t Drink When You Are Older

Oh Good, Red Wine Isn't on this list!

Our Tolerance to alcohol changes as we age.  Those nights of binge drinking then getting up for class the next day are gone.


Now that you’re pushing 40 or even older, just one or two drinks can land you in bed with a massive hangover.


As you get older, you develop an increased sensitivity to alcohol, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). 


Alongside increased health problems and bad interactions with medications, older adults are often advised to stop drinking entirely once they reach a certain age. 


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If you do choose to drink in your elder years, it’s recommended that you do not have more than seven boozy beverages per week.



Health experts say you should also regulate what kind of alcoholic beverages you’re drinking over the age of 65.


These are the drinks 65+ should avoid

Stiff drinks in general
Non-light beer
White Wine
Sweet (fruity) drinks