Bradford Residents To See Modest Raise in Property Tax Rate

Rate Expected to Go Up By 0.6 Per Cent With New Budget

Bradford town hall has given the green light to a draft 2017 budget with a property tax increase of a mere 0.6%. “I’m very pleased with the results of this deliberation,” said Mayor Rob Keffer. “We came up with a draft budget that will ensure we continue to provide the level of service residents demand while still being respectful of how much every dollar means to taxpayers. This is our third budget together as a Council and the process gets smoother each time. It’s never easy prioritizing requests and deferring some items that we know would be of value but would push the tax rate higher than we are comfortable with,” Mayor Keffer said. The tax hike will go towards the usual suspects like park, road, and infrastructure maintenance, and this year will go towards a new street sweeper and enhanced library services. While they have given this budget the nod, it won’t be ratified by council later this month.