Breast Reduction Will Become the Hottest Cosmetic Trend This Year 

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On plastic surgeon who is the president of  the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, predicts breast reductions will be the hottest cosmetic procedure of 2024, preferring “shape over size,” he told the Daily Mail.

Once-desired double-Ds have now seemed to have fallen out of favour among young women, despite the high demand for augmentations from Gen Z clients last year.

Breast regret is becoming a real thing now…Scores of women have shared their plastics remorse and, for some, their tales of removal, following a larger trend of aesthetics reversal, with celebrities like Tori Spelling, Blac Chyna and Chrissy Teigen removing their implants.

The Doc believes the trend will continue to soar in 2024, with chief complaints among the well-endowed being pain with heavy implants or breast restoration after having children.

The doc says that neck and face lifts are all the rage!