Bride’s Registry Includes, Gucci Bags, New flooring And A Car!

My god, I registered for towels!

A wedding registry shared on Facebook says a couple expects their guests to spend around $400 on gifts for their upcoming wedding!


An Australian bride shared her registry on Facebook about the gifts she expects to receive. The bride lists off 10 potential gift items that she hopes to receive from guests.


The registry asks her guests to spend a minimum of $350 or more on kitchen appliances…The bride made sure to point out that kitchen accessories such as aprons or spatulas were not suitable as gifts.


Next on the list was a gift spending budget of $400, which could be offered in cash or as gift cards at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, Whole Foods.  


Three gifts the bride named had no price attached at all, but it included Gucci, Louis Vuitton or any other designer purse that receives the bride’s approval, new floor tiles for the couple’s entire house, or a “new car or a new trim for my car, or anything in relation to the care.”


The bride concluded her Facebook post to say she’ll accept gifts with a lower retail value so long as she’s told in advance.


A wedding expert says that a reasonable gift should range between $50 and $200, based on the budget of the guest.