Canada’s Population Will Hit 40 Million Today!

We now have the same population as California!

Our population of this country has been growing at 2.7 percent, the highest since 1957!

Canada’s population is expected to surpass 40 million people today, says Statistics Canada.

Just before 3 pm this afternoon the true north strong and free will be home to 40 million people. Congratulations to us, we’re now the same size as the State of California!

The population of Canada has grown a lot lately, the highest since the late 1950’s post-war baby boom!

Last year, Canada’s population grew by a record 1.05 million, and about 96 percent of the rise was due to international migration. 

This is a good thing as Canada needs to attract newcomers to fill jobs left vacant by retiring baby boomers.

However, we take the good with the bad.  A growing population also presents challenges, especially with housing…

The average price of a Canadian resale home has increased four months in a row this year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. The average selling price of a home in April — the month for which the most recent data is available — was $716,000.

Canada urgently needs to build more housing to accommodate Canada’s growing population.

Canada’s population topped 30 million in 1997 and could reach 50 million as early as 2043 if current trends continue, Statistics Canada said.