Canadian Author Slams Working From Home: ‘What Have You Reduced Yourself To?’

He may not be wrong!

Author Malcolm Gladwell boldly claims that remote working is hurting society!

Author Malcolm Gladwell thinks that remote work is hurting society and that a recession will likely drive employees who are “sitting in their pyjamas” back into the office.

He is the bestselling author of Blink and The Tipping Point and said during an appearance on Diary of a CEO podcast that people need to come into the office in order to regain a “sense of belonging” and to feel part of something larger than themselves.

“It’s very hard to feel necessary when you’re physically disconnected,” the Canadian writer said.

“It’s not in your best interest to work at home,” he said. “I know it’s a hassle to come into the office, but if you’re just sitting in your pyjamas in your bedroom, is that the work-life you want to live?”

He asks, “Don’t you want to feel part of something?”

The author says he’s getting very frustrated with employers who are not explaining to their employees that their presence is important.

“If we don’t feel like we’re part of something important, what’s the point?” he said. “If it’s just a paycheck, then it’s like what have you reduced your life to?”

Another problem with people working at home is that with less foot traffic on the streets, local businesses who rely on you are struggling…

Tech companies and financial giants are hesitant to force employees back into the office for fear that workers could quit their jobs in favour of others that offer more flexibility.