Cardi B Has Drink Tossed At Her While Performing On Stage, So She Fought Back

Cardi isn't having it!

Audience members at concerts in recent months have continued a pattern of throwing objects at artists who are on stage performing, and rapper Cardi B has had enough.

On Saturday, the rapper was on stage at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas when an audience member appeared to throw a drink at her, as seen in video footage posted to social media.

In the clip, Cardi B is seen getting splashed with liquid from the cup while performing. Upset, she reacted immediately by throwing her microphone into the crowd as security guards rushed to the stage.

The incident in Las Vegas on Saturday is just the latest in a slew of similar scenes at concerts where artists – including Drake, Kelsea Ballerini, Harry Styles and Bebe Rexha – have become the target of objects thrown at them while on stage, with some artists suffering injuries as a result.