Which Character Is The Most Iconic In A Festive Film

John McClane Made the List!

A new poll of 2,000 Christmas movie fans was asked to vote on the top holiday characters.  The survey revealed more than half  think classic Christmas films evoke feelings of nostalgia, while 64 percent say these films bring beloved childhood memories



Each Christmas film has such a unique way to raise our spirits at this time of year and often what makes them hold a special place in our hearts are those little lines and scenes that fill us with festive cheer.



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It was revealed that we will typically watch more films than usual during the holiday season, with four in ten enjoying these movies with their kids.  We will typically watch about four Christmas movies each season!




1. Ebeneezer Scrooge – A Christmas Carol

2. Kevin McCallister – Home Alone

3. Buddy – Elf

4. The Grinch – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

5. John McClane — Die Hard

6. Ghost of Christmas Present – Scrooged

7. Gizmo – Gremlins

8. Jack Skellington – Nightmare Before Christmas

9. The Conductor – The Polar Express

10. Bird Lady – Home Alone 2

11. Susan Walker – Miracle On 34th Street

12. Billy Mack — Love Actually

13. Rizzo the Rat – Muppet Christmas Carol

14. Karen – Love Actually

15. Cousin Eddie – Christmas Vacation

16. Wilie – Bad Santa

17. The Octopus Kid – Love Actually

18. The Kid – Bad Santa

19. Luther Krank – Christmas with The Kranks

20. Ralphie – A Christmas Story