Check Out This Glamping Eco-Retreat in Oro-Medonte

Unique camping experience at Glen Oro Farm

Glen Oro Farm just north of Barrie in Oro-Medonte is now offering an incredibly unique camping experience inspired by the history of the Township, only with a modern twist.

It’s more like “glamping,” almost like an outdoor style condo in a peaceful setting.

  • The Settler’s Tent

The early settlers that came to this area in the early 1800’s hacked a living out of the wilderness – converting many forests to fields, often starting out in tents and log cabins before moving on to Victorian style brick homes. Settler’s Tent is a twist on the original concept and will place you into the midst of the forest primeval, with birds and beasts wandering by at night. With some of the luxuries of our modern existence (like plumbing and electricity) and tasteful furnishings so that you don’t have to rough it TOO hard.

  • The Stargazer Dome

Stargazer Dome features an integrated loft space with a king sized bed directly under the skylight, so you’re staring straight up into the Milky Way while fading off to sleep.

  • The comforts of this Glamping Eco-Retreat feature Ensuite Bathrooms!

I think we could all use a chance to unplug, (maybe get away from the kids too) and enjoy some of this for a night!