Cheesy 80’s Pop Songs Are The Best for Beating Stress!

Music is Therapeutic!

According to a recent study by a Turkey-based cosmetic surgery centre, which specializes in hair transplants, says that those cheesy songs from years past could help your mental health.




A survey asked, 1,500 plus people to undergo a series of mental stress tests, during which they listened to various Spotify playlists composed of music from the 60s “golden oldies,” 70’s rock anthems, and 90s R&B. 

However, the resulting research found that playlists that included beloved cheesy hits from the ’80s had the most pacifying effect on participants, with 96% of the group reporting a decrease in blood pressure while listening to the tunes; 36% also felt their heart rate drop, reports the New York Post. 




The purely observational study indicates that top 40 tunes of the ’80s may prompt feelings of nostalgia and positivity in many listeners.




Additional results from the survey found that music from the first decade of the 2000s also decreased blood pressure and heart rates in participants. 



Classic music from the “Bridgerton” soundtrack and 90s R&B completed the most soothing genres.