Chef Michael Smith Offers A Huge Incentive To Fill Dishwasher Job!

Each Job Is Very Important!

The struggle is real!  Across all industries, there is a labour shortage as employers struggle to find workers, who in some cases will even show up.

There are many jobs out there that are vital to the success of a business but are deemed less than appealing, but someone has to do it.

Chef Michael Smith has come up with a very creative way to staff his dishwasher job at his restaurant offering up an incredible incentive.

So he posted a call on social media, promising to fly out any successful candidate from anywhere in Canada to work at his restaurant and resort outside of Souris, P.E.I.

“Let’s just fly them in, put it on Instagram, we’ve got a place where they can stay in Souris, and let’s just see what happens,” said chef Michael Smith at the Inn at Bay Fortune. “In one hour we got more resumes than we’d gotten all year.”

Staffing shortages have been an ongoing issue throughout the country, particularly in the service industry.

The dishwasher job is hardly something to put your nose up at.  While it may not be the most desired gig, it comes with full benefits and an $18 an hour wage, which is well above the industry average.

Since Michael put the job posting out, more than 100 applicants applied.