Cost Of Toilet Paper Is Going Up!

Watch What You Eat!

The maker of Scott toilet paper and Huggies diapers will soon start charging more for its products to counter rising commodity costs.


Nearly all price hikes will start in late June and impact baby and child care, adult care, and Scott bathroom tissue businesses.


Bloomberg says “The move by the maker of Kleenex tissues has triggered analysts’ expectations that more companies will start raising prices for tissue products, to become the latest consumer good to be impacted by higher raw material costs during the pandemic.”


Toilet-paper makers have the option to reduce costs by cutting back on the number of sheets and making other quality modifications, so customers don’t feel the price pinch, but price increases are probably going to happen anyway after the cost of pulp — a wood product — soared by 35% in the last year.


Record-high lumber prices are to blame, which have significantly increased the cost of homebuilding and reduced inventories at mills across North America.



So if people stop building decks, we can all keep buying two-ply!