Could Barrie Roads And Homes Be Built With Recycled Diapers?

Does this idea stink?

Paving is currently happening along the lakeshore this week, but what if they were to pave those roads with something a little more environmentally friendly? Recently, some researchers have suggested a potential solution for two pressing issues in rapidly growing cities: an excess of non-biodegradable waste and a shortage of construction materials.

A research team in Japan has now confirmed that sanitized, recycled disposable diapers can be added to concrete and mortar to meet some building standards. 

This is particularly beneficial as there is a great demand for affordable housing due to the swelling urban population and a lack of adequate accommodations. Naturally, the influx of people to urban areas contributes to an increase in waste production.

They are saying roads and load-bearing walls could only contain 10% of the poop-filled diaper bombs.  Pilot projects are currently happening in parts of the US right now.

But, the non-load bearing walls could be made with up to 40%. That’s nearly half of the wall composed of old diapers. I guess that would make it a “load-filled” non-load-bearing wall.