COVID Antibodies Found In Deer

Bambi never had these problems

A new study has found that wildlife is a potential breeding ground for COVID-19, where it could continue to evolve despite control efforts in humans.



Just to put this into perspective, between January and March of this year, 385 white-tailed deer throughout the states of Michigan, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania, were all found to have antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 in 40% of the population.



The data was collected as part of the department’s regularly scheduled surveillance of white-tailed deer.



Researchers found that the deer outbreak could be thanks to humans and multiple activities bring deer and people together.  Knowing this, other wildlife could also have antibodies…


This is the first study to show that deer are passing COVID-19 to each other in the wild. So far, the only other animal known to have contracted SARS-CoV-2 in nature is mink.



Scientists have previously detected the virus in a number of animals including cats, dogs, otters, lions, tigers, leopards, and gorillas — all of which originated while in captivity.



While there is no evidence that deer can pass the virus to humans, this could pose a problem as the animals could become a reservoir for the coronavirus and other harmful viruses.