Dale & Charlie Want YOU To Vote In The Barrie Election!

The 2022 Barrie Municipal Election is underway, and Dale & Charlie want YOU to vote! They've even written a new song to help motivate ya!

The 2022 Barrie Election is here, meaning you’ll be able to select WHO you believe is best fit to be not only our mayor, but also sit on council and manage school district boards.

It’s our first election in FOUR years (which feels like an eternity) and Dale & Charlie are trying to keep you PUMPED about it!

Cause, you know. Voting is KOOL! Right?

They’ve penned a new tune to help motivate YOU vote, and it’s EVEN easier this year!

If you have any questions or issues with voting in the Barrie Election, check out the city’s website.

You can also check out this awesome guide VIA the city’s Twitter account: