Dallas Woman Opens “Tickle Bar,” Where You Pay To Have Someone Tickle You

It’s a new business venture that’s both crazy and brilliant!

Haley-Coleman has just opened the “The Tickle Bar,” an establishment that is exactly what it sounds like. 


Patrons can pay $40 or $60, depending on the length of the session, after which you’ll receive a glass of wine and be taken to your own Moroccan-style “tickle tent” and receive any kind of tickle you want: Hair play, back tickles, or both!


There are two lengths of sessions available, 25 or 50 minutes. You also have the option to go shirt on or shirt off.


Haley-Coleman is just looking to put some smiles back on people’s faces.

She says, “We’re all just so sick of [COVID] and we’re really missing touch. I just hope we’re doing this in a fun and innovative enough way that people go, ‘Yeah that’s something that I want to do.’ Jobs and joy, that’s what I’m really wanting to create.”