Date Gone Wrong Program

Staying Safe on Campus at Georgian College

Georgian College is committed to ensuring the safety and security of students, staff and general public at all of their campuses.

A new initiative called the “Date Gone Wrong” helps students get out of uncomfortable situations at the College’s student pub, The Last Class (TLC). The Campus has placed signs in both male and female washrooms with instructions on what to do if you’re feeling unsafe due to a bad date or other circumstances. The signs give a code word that can be used at the bar or with any server.

Date Gone Wrong

Date Gone Wrong program at The Last Class

Meanwhile, acclaimed author and founder of the Date Safe Project, Mike Domitrz presented his talk “Can I Kiss You?” inside the Georgian College theatre today. His fun, interactive and thought provoking program discussed how to approach relationships, sexual intimacy, consent and supporting survivors. The students were able to walk away with three important skill sets:

  • How to feel more confident on intervening at a party or a bar if they see someone using alcohol or drugs to try to facilitate a sexual assault
  • How to support survivors so they can come forward and be supported
  • How to ask for what you want or don’t want in sexual intimacy

Mike Domitrz, Founder of the Date Safe Project presents his “Can I Kiss You?” talk at Georgian College