Dealbreakers for People When Dining Out!

Keep it clean people!

The number one deal breaker when it comes to eating out isn’t expensive prices or rude wait staff — it’s cleanliness, according to 44% of those surveyed…

A survey of 1,000 people and 1,000 small business owners and hospitality workers found that when it comes to restaurants, cleanliness ranked higher in importance than having a variety of menu options (35%) or the affordability of the restaurant (33%).

The survey looked at how cleanliness plays a role in the decision to visit a business and how businesses handle cleaning.

When dining, customers are keeping their eyes out for cleanliness — or lack thereof.  They’re surveying the tables (56%), plates/bowls (56%) and cutlery (49%).

The survey found that people value tidiness so much that three in five said that uncleanliness would be a dealbreaker when it comes to both restaurants (61%) and hotels (62%).  

Respondents also ranked cleanliness as the top factor they consider when choosing somewhere to stay on vacation (39%).

At vacation rentals, respondents are scoping out the bathroom or shower (55%), linen/sheets (49%) and flooring (48%) the most.

Lack of cleanliness is also the top reason that respondents wouldn’t return to a business, followed by quality concerns and poor customer service.

Overall, 64% of people have a great appreciation for businesses that keep their establishments clean, and those in the industry are aware of this.