Dictionary.com Adds New Words From The Simpsons And Friends!

Dictionary.com has just added some words from "The Simpsons" and “Friends”.

Dictionary.com just updated its database with lots of new words, including two from “The Simpsons” and one from “Friends”.


According to FoxNews.com, the two words from “The Simpsons” are from an episode in 1996 called “Lisa the Iconoclast”. They are “cromulent,” which is defined as “acceptable or legitimate” . . . and “embiggen,” which is defined as “to make or become bigger.”


The word from “Friends” is “supposably,” which comes from an episode in 1995 called “The One Where Heckles Dies”.  The definition is “as may be assumed, imagined, or supposed.”

These words were also added to Webster’s and all three of the Oxford English Dictionaries.


Some of the other words Dictionary.com added in this new update include doomscrolling . . . deepfake . . . indoor voice . . . BIPOC . . . superspreader . . . and goldendoodle.