Did You Suffer From “GOMO” “GRIEF Of Missing Out”

It happens all the time!

“FOMO” stands for the “fear of missing out.” But have you heard the term “GOMO” before? That’s the “GRIEF of missing out,” and a new study on Yahoo.com found it was common last year.


Four in 10 people say that watching normal things happen on TV shows and in movies has given them GOMO during the pandemic.


Here are the top five things from shows and movies that triggered it . . .

1.  People eating at restaurants.  60% of viewers who had GOMO said that triggered it.

2.  Characters shopping in person at stores and malls, 52%.

3.  Seeing people going to the movies, 52%.

4.  People swimming, 44%.

5.  Watching people have new experiences in general, 43%.



38% of people in the poll even said they watched shows and movies just to live vicariously through the characters, and feel like they were out socializing too.