Do You Get The “Sunday Scaries?”

'Sunday scaries' are at an all-time high amid COVID-19, study finds

If you’ve ever experienced the “Sunday scaries,” you’re not alone.



While there’s excitement surrounding the start of the weekend, come Sunday night, many people find themselves dreading the forthcoming day.



According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 66% of professionals say that they face anxiety ahead of the start of the workweek.



The survey defines the phenomenon as “stress and anxiousness” that falls on a Sunday night before a person is set to return to work the following day.



The poll surveyed roughly 3,000 people and found that the occurrence is at an all-time high, likely due to the pandemic.



About 41% believe that the coronavirus pandemic has either caused or intensified their case of the “Sunday scaries.”



And while there are many people who say they experienced the occurrence prior to the pandemic, 31% of male employees pinpointed COVID-19 as its trigger.

However, not everyone was equally affected.



The poll found that Millennials and Gen Z were more likely to feel anxiety, with as many as 78% of respondents in the demographic reporting experiences with “Sunday scaries.”



Experts suggest finding something to look forward to on a Monday to relieve the “Sunday scaries.”  “Sunday scaries usually feel like anxiety, restlessness, and irritation, so outdoor activities, intentional movement, and hanging out with friends can help that as well.”