Do You Really Need Deodorant?

We may not sink as bad as we think!

Like brushing your teeth or washing your face, putting deodorant on every day might seem like one of those rituals crucial for basic hygiene.

But your decision is most likely based more on personal and cultural preferences than any potential medical necessity, dermatology experts say.

People have been using perfumes and colognes to mask odour for years, but it’s not like flossing your teeth, where there’s data that you’re actually going to live longer if you floss your teeth regularly.”

We live in a society where body odour is not universally accepted, making deodorant a part of your daily hygiene routine…There’s also a stigma surrounding the wetness of the clothes because of sweat, which has pushed antiperspirants into daily skincare routines, says a dermatologist. 

Despite the commonly accepted reasons why people wear deodorant, natural body odour isn’t necessarily considered unpleasant by everyone. 

One reason why someone might find a certain person’s natural scent more attractive than those of others is due to differing immune systems since we tend to be more attracted to people who are immunologically different.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to your personal preferences, and what — if any — products you might use to mask body odour…