Does Your Dog Get Jealous If You’re On The Phone And Ignoring Them?

The simple answer is yes!

A new study aimed to pull at your heartstrings found that spending long periods of time glued to your phone could have a devastating affect on your pooch!



In fact, 89% of owners who took part in the research said that their pets have tried to get their attention whilst they were using an electrical device because they felt left out or alone.



There are some tell-tale signs your dogs and cats may be trying to get your attention. They include…


Scratching or pawing at the device, and making noise such as barking or meowing.  Some pets have gone as far as sitting on the device!



The research found that the lack of attention in pets can lead to anxiety and behavioural problems in our pets. 



In serious cases, it can even lead to obesity in dogs, especially if their owners don’t have time to take them out for a walk.



So put down the phone and play with your pooch!