Does Your Sweet Tooth Make You Sweet?

Are you a sweet or savory kinda person?

A new study finds that people are more likely to be social butterflies if they enjoy sweet treats over savory snacks!



If you have a sweet tooth, chances are you like to live on the wild side of life!  This group will also be more inclined to hit the beach, go to a museum, or hike the wilderness.



Sweet snackers like to hang out with friends and hit the town, whereas savory snackers prefer one on one dates and binge-watching TV.  This group would rather go shopping at a mall or explore a new city!




–   Favorite place – Shopping mall                     31%

–   Favorite music genre – Blues                         31%

–   Favorite book genre – Historical fiction       29%

–   Favorite film genre – Science-fiction             37%

–   Favorite tv genre – Science-fiction                 33%


–   Favorite place – Beach                               28%

–   Favorite music genre – Rap/hip-hop      18%

–   Favorite book genre – Comedy                 22%

–   Favorite film genre – Comedy                  25%

–   Favorite tv genre – Comedy                      27%