Doing This One Thing Will Make You Happier!

Try it!

It’s been a long few months, and even with lockdown restrictions starting to lift, people still feel isolated and lonely.  Because humans are social creatures, and we thrive on personal interactions and adventure, there is a need to explore!


Research shows that having variety in your daily routine, including exploring your neighbourhood each day, will make you happier.  A May study published in Nature Neuroscience tracked the moods and locations of 122 people over several months. 


The scientists found that experiencing new things every day, such as discovering parts of your city or town instead of sitting on the couch all day, results in a positive mindset.   The more locations you visit and the greater variety of stops also contribute to feeling upbeat.


Here are some Happiness Hacks!


  • Just pretend to be happy!
  • Hang out with your dog!
  • Get some flowers
  • Wear bright coloured clothing
  • Light some vanilla-scented candles
  • Make a donation
  • Be more generous
  • Watch some old home movies
  • Do a quick workout
  • Watch a funny video!