Easy Ways To Get Out Of Working!

"I have to take my dog to the vet"

Ok, so let’s face it. Many having been milking this work-from-home situation for the better part of a year now.  While many have been working more hours at home, some have not and you know who you are!


But if there is a day, where you just need to do you- here are some clever little lies to tell your boss!

And all of the following have been used before, so don’t feel bad about stealing one!


“I have to go to court”

“My stitches opened up”

“My car is stuck in the garage”

“I have a medical procedure”

“My house flooded”

“I broke my tailbone”

“I need a root canal”

“I skipped my allergy pill and rubbed my face all over my dog”

“I have hardcore bathroom issues”

“I have Pink eye”

“ My kid is sick”

“ I stubbed my toe really badly”