‘Eating Sweets’ And Other Things We Do To Make Ourselves Instantly Happier

What do you do to make yourself instantly happier?

A new study reported on SWNSDigital.com looked at the top things people do when they’re in a bad mood and want to feel better.



Here are the 10 short-term mood boosters people said work best . . .


1.  Eating something.  But not always something healthy.  Sweets are the #1 choice.


2.  Taking a hot bath.


3.  Distracting yourself by watching a  TV show or reading a book.


4.  Cooking something or baking.

5.  Deep breathing or meditation.


6.  Cleaning your place.


7.  Exercising.


8.  Just going outside and getting some fresh air.


9.  Talking it out with a friend.


10.  Hanging out with your pet.  A stiff drink just missed the top 10 at #11.