Elon Musk Makes Fun of CBC By Changing Twitter Label

What are you, 8-years-old?

Here’s what happened. 

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre pushed Twitter boss Musk to label the CBC as “government-funded” over the weekend.

Shortly afterwards, various CBC Twitter accounts were labelled “Government-funded Media.”

Poilievre, who has pledged to defund the CBC if elected prime minister, cheered the change, writing on Twitter that “now people know that it is Trudeau propaganda, not news.”

The CBC fired back at the label change, insisting that they are less than 70% government-founded.

The broadcaster said that it operates at arm’s length and its journalists are “impartial and independent.”

As a result of this label change, the CBC announced it would pause its Twitter presence.

Elon is now poking fun at the CBC with a Tweet that reads… “69% Government-founded Media”

When Twitter was asked by The Canadian Press why the label was applied and whether it would be removed or changed, the outlet got a poop emoji in response. Twitter no longer has a public relations staff, and auto-replies to press inquiries with that emoji.

In 2021-22, the CBC received more than $1.2 billion in government funding, which was down from the $1.4 billion it received in 2020-21.

But in 2022, the CBC handed out more than $16 million in bonuses to staff 2022, according to documents obtained by the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation.