‘Emotional Support Beer’ Is Here To Help!

Woodstock Brewing made a ‘charity IPA’ that promotes emotional support for beer drinkers

The New York-based microbrewery has created a Citra IPA that comes in a colourful can and features the words “Emotional Support Beer” in bold font. 



Even better, a portion of the proceeds from this limited-time brew will go to Operation At Ease, which is a charity that pairs shelter dogs with deserving veterans and first responders.



This concept came as somewhat of a joke when a man by the name of Floyd Hayes made headlines in early 2020 for trying to register a pint of beer as an emotional support animal under the USA Service Dog Registration.  Since then, he’s been working with Woodstock Brewing and helped them out with this project. 



Woodstock Brewing’s Emotional Support Beer will likely be made annually and will support a different charity each time. If the demand is high enough, the microbrewery may even produce additional batches, says the company!



The beer is being sold in “limited quantities” throughout Eastern New York. According to their website, Woodstock Brewing’s Emotional Support Beer is brewed with pale, oats and honey malts. It is then hopped with Citra, which includes tropical fruit notes such as mango, passion fruit, and papaya.