Fat Bear Week Has Arrived, And It’s The Comedy Relief You Need

Fat Bears typically just animals that go VIRAL occasionally on the internet. Thanks to Alaska's National Parks, they're a topic of discussion!

Fat Bear Week is the BEST part of the month, because, well, it involves literal giant mammals.

The annual event was started back in 2014 by the Alaskan National Park, Katmai.

The idea is simple: a March-Madness style bracket of the “Fattest” Bear that they’ve seen in the park!

It’s also a great way to how off the resilience of the incredible animals, but also as a learning opportunity about the wildlife in the park!

Over the week, fans will learn about Fat Bears, and more specifically the lives and histories of the individual bears.

Plenty of fans celebrated on Twitter, and it’s amazing:

Some even contributing fan art for Fat Bear week:

Each bear has a bio and they’re all immaculate. Check it out here.