Favourite Childhood Memories And They Include Eating A Lot Of Ice Cream!

Good times!

The Average Person Will Eat 39 Scoops of Ice Cream, this summer!  This poll also found that chocolate, cookies and cream, and vanilla are the most preferred ice cream flavours in the summer.  When it comes to toppings, hot fudge, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup are the most used toppings.


Favourite Childhood Memories!


A new poll on SWNSDigital.com found 1 in 5 adults still have an emotional response when they hear an ice cream truck . . . and our favorite flavors are chocolate, cookies-and-cream, and vanilla.


39% of people also said some of their favorite childhood memories involve ice cream.


Here are our ten favourite memories from childhood . . .

1.  Playing with friends.

2.  Spending time with family.

3.  Watching cartoons.

4.  Eating ice cream.

5.  A childhood pet.

6.  Going to the beach.

7.  Going to an amusement park.

8.  Going to regular parks.

9.  Birthday parties.

10.  Playing board games.