Female Psychopaths Are More Common Than You Might Think!

Misery loves company

According to research, male psychopaths outnumber female psychopaths 6 to 1.  HOWEVER; a UK professor is claiming the ratio is about 1.2 to 1 (almost five times higher)

The professor argues that female psychopaths are flying under the radar because of gender bias.

Even when females display some of the key traits associated with psychopathy — such as being insincere, deceitful, antagonistic, unempathetic and lacking in emotional depth — because these are seen as male characteristics they may not be labelled as such, even when they should be…

The professor argues that female psychopaths are more manipulative than males, and can appear to make a good impression…

The prof continues: they use deceit and seduction to gain social and financial advantage more than male psychopaths do.

“Female psychopaths tend to use words, rather than violence, to achieve their aims, differing from how male psychopaths tend to operate.”

a Canadian study found that people who have a longer ring finger than the index finger are more likely to have a diagnosed psychiatric disorder.