Fingers Crossed: Meet Lauren Spencer-Smith

On the moment she knew she wanted to be on stage and what she hopes for her career.

Vancouver artist, Lauren Spencer-Smith, has always had music in her life. By the time she was 5, her parents knew music was her obsession. “They would buy me like karaoke machines and like CD players” she tells me over a video call from New York City. “They always knew what artists i wanted to listen to if like Cody Simpson came on in the middle of like the Disney Channel Family Channel, I would like sing along like do the whole performance with them.”

Music is a love that never left her.

The moment that cemented her desire to make music was when she was 11 year old. She had won a contest that allowed her to get up on stage with Keith Urban at her local Country Music festival.

“Being on stage… is the best feeling in the world”

“There’s just thousands of people there being on stage with him that was like a moment where I was like, yeah, this is a hundred percent what i want to do for the rest of my life” Lauren says. Being on stage “is such a different feeling you can’t even explain what being on stage in front of that many people feels like,” she explains. “It’s just so crazy like people are so inspired by your music and people are like genuinely touched in the heart by like things you’ve created like that is the best feeling in the world.”

Online Fame

” People really have your back and you just have so many people supporting you”

Lauren’s song “Fingers Crossed” has gained a lot of momentum online. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. I ask her if her online presence makes it easier for here career or if there’s more pressure because there are more people watching. ” I mean it’s kind of a bit of both, ” she replies.  “There’s definitely more pressure because there’s more people that want music from you. I thankfully am almost done my album so I’m not feeling like ‘oh my goodness I have no music!’  I’ve been writing for like the past year non-stop. But then at the same time also makes it a lot easier because you have so many people that maybe they were just kind of a fan before but now they’re like a super fan and they like really have your back.  Like when somebody hates on you on the internet and  says that I look like a whale, like I don’t even need to respond because my fans are already beating this person up being like ‘that is so disrespectful of you’.  People really have your back and you just have so many people supporting you and […] it definitely makes you feel comforted.”


Lauren Spencer Smith has here eyes on the biggest achievements in music. ‘”I would love multiple Grammys,” she says with a laugh. “Would love my album to go platinum, that’s a super huge goal of mine. I would love to sell out the Rogers arena in my hometown in Vancouver. That’s like the arena I watched One Direction… like every person I watched sold out Rogers arena.”

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