Flushing Money Down The Toilet!

Talk about wasting money. 

According to new research, the average person will flush about $11,198 down the toilet throughout their lifetime in the form of toilet paper.

The average person spends $182 on TP every year.  This amount increased by $15 during COVID.

The survey asked people about their opinions on single-use household items, as well as their adoption of reusable and cost-effective alternatives.

The survey found that the average person is using 159 rolls of toilet paper, 145 rolls of paper towels and 118 disposable razors annually.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents said they feel guilty about using single-use disposable products around the home.

66% of people said they would like to use more sustainable items…

The most commonly owned reusable alternatives included reusable grocery bags (because we were forced to), a reusable coffee mug or cup and a reusable water bottles.

Respondents agreed that the bathroom is where they have the most single-use items, like TP, razors, cotton balls and Q-tips. 


  1. Toilet Paper: $11,198.88
  2. Paper towels: $10,518.82
  3. Hygienic wipes: $9,469.15
  4. Tissues: $9,454.37
  5. Plastic bags: $9,402.62
  6. Paper plates: $8,619.07
  7. Disposable razors: $8,537.76
  8. Plastic cutlery: $8,005.54