As men age, they slow down. Just as men can’t run as fast or lift […]

As men age, they slow down. Just as men can’t run as fast or lift as many weights when they get older, the aging process naturally slows the sex drive, too — like it or not. But men can battle this by eating the right foods. And while these are not necessarily considered aphrodisiacs, these eight foods can do everything from improving energy and stamina to actually boosting testosterone. Men, here’s your grocery list of eight foods that will boost your sex drive, according to Yahoo! Health:

Watermelon: Improves blood flow to the heart and sex organs.
Avocado: Boosts energy and stamina.
Celery: Raises the odorless hormone released through perspiration that sexually attracts women.
Bananas: Enzymes in this popular fruit help men get in the mood.
Pumpkin Seeds: Boost testosterone and can help sustain a woman’s sexual desire.
Honey: Impacts neurotransmitters tied to sexual arousal and testosterone production.
Salmon: Boosts blood circulation, which can help maintain an erection.
Figs: Packed with amino acids that increase libido and improve stamina.

I’m kind of glad lettuce didn’t make the list. Can’t quite afford $75 for a head of lettuce. Otherwise, now you know what to send your hubby to go and grab this weekend at the grocery store.