If you've ever found a gold rock....

Even if you know nothing about fool’s gold, you could assume that:  1.  It looks like gold.  And 2.  It’s worthless.  Hence the name.  But that might NOT be the case in the future.

“Fool’s gold” is the yellow metal pyrite, and researchers say that it might become valuable because it can contain lithium, an important element in the quest for greener energy.  (Or the Gold Rush for greener energy?)

The researchers examined 15 rock samples, and they discovered lithium in pyrite minerals in the shale.  If fool’s gold IS worth something in the future, that’s exciting news for the Appalachian Basin, where pyrite can be commonly found.

That said, it’s unclear HOW valuable it would be.  There are still issues that will have to be figured out.  Like:  Does ALL pyrite have an association with lithium?  And is there a way to extract it in a clean, economically viable way?