Football Terms That Sound Dirty… But Aren’t.

Chiefs-Jets Game (Taylor’s Version) Was Most Watched Sunday Show Since Super Bowl…

Taylor’s Attendance at Chief’s Game Sees Spike in Ratings

Sunday night’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets was the most watched Sunday television show since the Super Bowl in February, according to NBC, peaking at 29 million viewers—likely thanks to Taylor Swift and her entourage being in attendance to cheer on rumoured boyfriend Travis Kelce.

The average viewership for a Chief’s Sunday nighter is about 27 million, but NBC estimates about 2 million more female viewers were watching than in past weeks. 

Viewership among girls aged 12 to 17 saw a 53% increase from the average of Sunday Night Football’s first three weeks, viewership among women 18 to 24 was up 24% and up 34% among women 35 and older.

Taylor attended her second Chief’s game this time bringing celebrity friends, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Huge Jackman…

Taylor was also seen chatting up the wives of the players, including Brittany Mahomes. As a result, there is no shortage of memes…

Football terms that sound dirty… but aren’t.

“Too Many Men In Formation”

“Illegal Touching”

“Blocking Below the Waist”

“Illegal Player Downfield”

“False Start”

And the #1 Football term that sounds dirty but isn’t…

“Roughing the Snapper”