Free Travel for a Year on 407 for Family Whose Baby was Born on the Highway

Couple's Dashcam caught the whole thing

The baby wouldn’t wait the 20 minutes it was going to take to get to the hospital!

Troy and Erika Campbell were heading to a Whitby hospital on May 10, expecting that Erika would deliver their third child with the midwives in the hosptial.  Erika’s contractions quickly intensified, though, and baby Nova was born on the side of highway 407.

The couple had a camera running, expecting to use some of the car footage in a video montage about the birth for Troy’s YouTube channel.

Check out the birth video!


Once the story went viral, the PR people behind the 407 Toll Highway announced they would be giving baby Nova’s parents a year of free travel and a gift certificate to offset the cost of car seats. That’s a nice baby gift!


Image: The Campbell Cloud/ YouTube