Fun Facts About Boobs That Perhaps You Didn’t Know!

We all have them, so take care of them...

No matter what gender we identify, we will fret about our breasts at some point in our lives, be it about size, sensitivity, or just wondering why exactly they’re there. But fear not! 

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is a great time to remind you to take care of your breasts’ health by getting regular breast exams and talking to your doctor about more intense prevention if you have a history of breast cancer in your family, regardless of the gender you identify as, as everyone is vulnerable to the disease.

Boobs are great, on everyone!  Here are some fun facts…

Women are buying Bigger Bras…
The average woman says she now wears a 34DD-sized bra, according to data from lingerie retailer Intimacy. That’s up from a 34B 20 years ago!

But, You’re still probably wearing the wrong size…
About 85 percent of women are, according to Intimacy data. So grab some measuring tape to figure out your correct size, or get a bra fitting with an expert.

Most Women Aren’t Happy with Their Breast
Seventy percent are down on their girls, according to research published in the International Journal of Sexual Health. Of course, most men had no complaints.

Breast Action Turns You On
Eighty-two percent of women say boob-play gets them aroused (or more aroused than when the girls don’t get any action), according to a 2006 study.

It’s Normal for Them to Hurt While Exercising
Almost one in three marathon runners experiences breast pain, according to a recent study out of the United Kingdom.

Breasts Move A  lot When You Do
So get this: When you run, the twins do, too—in a sort of figure-eight shape. And they can travel up to eight inches, according to research out of the U.K. All the more reason to wear a supportive sports bra!

They Can Also Be Big-Naturally
The current Guinness World Record for “largest natural breasts” was awarded in 1999 to a woman whose chest measured 70 inches around its fullest part. That’s 5.83 feet!

The Twins Aren’t Always Identical
In fact, one breast is usually about a fifth of a cup size larger than the other, on average, according to the book Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams.

Nipplegasms Are A Real Thing
As in, orgasms triggered by your nipples.