Lady Gaga Gets Hit In The Head At A Toronto Concert!

Lady Gaga got nearly a face full of a fan's gift, and other little monsters are FURIOUS this keeps happening to the icon.

Lady Gaga, no, any artist, does not deserve this to happen during their show.

Footage went VIRAL on Twitter of a fan tossing a doll, onto the stage as Gaga belted “Hold My Hand”.

Thankfully Gaga is a pro and didn’t even flinch.

Apparently the icing on the cake? There were flames on stage, meaning the doll could have caught ablaze!

This unfortunately isn’t the first instance of objects being thrown at Lady Gaga during the Chromatica  Ball Tour, last month footage went viral of an “invisible” wall protecting the singer:

It has been common for Little Monsters to throw stuff on stage, but with the recent string of concert incidents in Toronto: fireworks being shot off at Dua Lipa’s show and Rage Against The Machine Guitarist Tom Morello getting accidentally tackled by a fan rushing the stage, some artists MIGHT avoid the city.

I get it, it’s been two long years and you’re excited to be back,

That being said? Be an adult and don’t throw stuff at the performer.