Generation ALPHA Think This Is What People In Their 30s Want For Christmas!


Generation Alpha is now just becoming teenagers and will soon replace Gen Z as the most annoying generation, LOL!  (Born 2010-2024)

Here comes Gen Alpha — and they’ve got jokes.

Shane Frank, a millennial teaching seventh grade in California, tickled the internet’s funny bone with the results of a recent, light-hearted class assignment: to compile a holiday gift guide aimed at people in their 30s.

In a funny clip posted on Dec. 19 to Frank’s popular TikTok account, @7thgradechronicles, the thirtysomething asks his middle school students,” What do you buy someone in their 30s for the holidays?” The kids’ responses, posted on neon green sticky notes, ranged from “Candy Crush Premium” to “a bottle of wine and hip implants.”


The Christmas gift ideas gave a glimpse of the sense of humour of those who submitted the sticky notes.

“A lawyer for the divorce attorney (fight for the kids),” one Gen Alpha disclosed.

“Panera Bread gift card [because’ people in their 30s love soup!”) added one 7th grader.

“You give them ‘Bath and Body Works’ stuff… it’s what my mom wants,” suggested a student.

“You get them old people candles that smell like ‘home’ or ‘back then,’” joked one youngster. “Heated blanket [because] their muscles be hurting.”

“A coffee mug that says ‘Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee’ because they’re all coffee-obsessed millennials.”

The hilarious responses made many people chuckle but also concerned for the kids.

“For the kid who says the divorce lawyer. Send him to the guidance counsellor. There may be some things going on at home,” wrote one TikToker.

“I wanna know what that “Back then” candle smells like,” laughed another.

“Let the kid that said the Dyson vacuum pick me for Secret Santa,” suggested a woman.

While some people can only hope to receive something from this holiday guide for thirty-year-olds, others fear what would be on a wishlist for anyone older.

“What do they think [about] us in our 40s?” laughed one person. “I would be scared to hear what they would say over 50… a grave.”

While Gen Z has largely dominated youth culture in recent years, Gen Alpha is quickly making them feel old, leaving some Zers fretting over possible future fighting between the age groups.

The younger brood has already, for example, declared certain popular Gen Z slang terms dead.