Georgian Auto Show Sure to Electrify

Thousands expected at the Georgian Auto Show this weekend

Garry Payne, who test drives a new vehicle every year at the Georgian Auto Show, has decided to try going electric.

“Everybody has range anxiety.”

When asked if he would buy an electric vehicle? Garry said it’s all about your estimated range, “everyone has range anxiety, but they are getting to a point now that, well, 400km on a battery is pretty good.”

The Georgian Auto Show is underway this weekend at the Barrie campus with all the auto manufacturers in one spot.

It gives students like Caleb Chang of the Automotive Business School of Canada a chance to practice selling cars and new technology.

While driving around in a new electric car with Emile Stevens of the not-for-profit Plug ‘N Drive Canada, they talked about how vehicle ferries, boats and transport trucks will all become electric in the near future.


Caleb says he’s learning quickly that the market is driven by efficiency, “right now it’s smaller Eelectric Vehicle (EV) but EV trucks are coming soon and it’s just the way we are moving.”

Emile Stevens works to educate the public on electric vehicles. He says every manufacturer in the world has an EV model on the road right now, or close to releasing one, and many have committed to electrifying their entire lineups over the next 10-15 years.