“Gerald” Goes Viral On Twitter And Why It’s The Boost You Need This Week

A single 104 year old man was trending on Twitter, and not for the reason YOU think!

The name Gerald was trending on Twitter throughout today and yesterday, and you may have wondered: why?

It’s all due to one son trying his best to make his dad’s day.

Kevin Mills hopped on Twitter and asked a simple favour of the internet: Any chance I can muster 104 happy birthdays?

His dad, Gerald is set to turn 104 on July 12th.

Mills didn’t expect anything like this to happen… the tweet went VIRAL, amassing 351 thousand likes, 19 thousand retweets and hundreds of responses!

Fellow users chimed in with Happy birthday greetings and celebrated their family as well:


UK supermarket Aldi even chimed in, offering Gerald a free cake:


And the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler offered his congrats:

The entire Twitter thread for Gerald has become a spot for people to celebrate the lives of their older family members.

It serves as a reminder, call your grandparents or parents!