Gillette Venue Is Out With A Clever Song To Tackle Pubic Hair Stigma

The goal with this is to create a more realistic depiction of women in advertising and media

Gillette produced a new song that sees cartoon pubic hairs singing about the woes of life as the body hair that nobody wants.


Lyrics include: “I’m just a pube, and it’s not fair, all I ever wished to be was just another hair. But when they got one look at me, the ruling from society was, ‘Ew, not you.’ Oh what’s a curl to do?”


The one-minute ad is the latest effort by marketing companies to talk about topics that are otherwise taboo.


According to the New York Post, despite the controversy, a survey conducted by Gillette’s ad agency indicates that women are overall supportive of open discussion on health issues unique to women: Of the 250 respondents, more than half agreed that society has dictated women’s grooming, and 56% hope for more realistic depictions of women in advertising and media, according to Fast Company’s report.


“So take care … of your pubic hair. If you trim or you shave or you’re bare down there,” Gillette’s message concludes. “Whichever way’s your way, it’s all okay!”