Giving Signs: The Most And Least Generous Zodiac Signs

In case you were wondering!

Do zodiac signs play a role in generosity? There’s the person who would give you the shirt off their back without a second thought. Then there’s the person who would be the last person you call during a time of need. Some astrologers suggest that this all comes down to a person’s horoscope. Best Life, a lifestyle magazine, collaborated with astrologers and other experts to rank all the zodiac signs from the least to the most generous.

The Least Generous Zodiac Signs

According to the ranking, the least generous zodiac sign is Scorpio. “This notoriously secretive sign doesn’t want people to know how much money they make or have, so they’re unlikely to openly consume,” said one of their experts. They added that a Scorpio is unlikely to treat you to anything, as they “don’t want to send the wrong idea.”

Following behind Scorpio is Capricorn. One of their experts pointed out that this sign expects others to work for what they get. They did give the sign a little credit. They said they are all ears when needed but don’t expect them to be generous with their free time or money.

Wrapping up the top three of the least generous is Gemini. “They thrive on entertaining others but are not usually inclined to purchase a birthday gift or treat someone to a meal,” one expert said. Overall, they are wonderful in a friend group but have “little” regard for giving people their time.

The Most Generous Zodiac Signs

If you ever need help, then look for a Virgo. According to the ranking, this sign will clear their schedule with no hesitation to help or offer emotional support. An expert mentioned that Virgo doesn’t always know how to set boundaries with their generosity. They’ll give and give until there’s nothing left for themselves.

Pisces follows Virgo as being one of the most generous. They said their generosity is due to being the most sensitive sign. “They love to see kindness in action, so they’ll often be the ones to rise to the challenge to sacrifice what’s theirs for those in need,” said one astrologer.

Another zodiac sign that is one of the most generous is Cancer. This sign tends to be the most “nurturing” sign. They’ll even notice if someone needs help and then offer it, according to the feature.