Golfing Terms Fans Aren’t Sure Of


It’s springtime and golf courses are starting to open back up! It’s also the Masters weekend where golf fans will fall asleep while watching the big tournament on TV!

Some golfers are a ‘fair way’ from understanding the terms of their sport – with almost four in 10 clueless about what a triple bogey is.

A new poll suggests that almost 70% who play golf, don’t really know all the rules and terms.

45 percent cannot tell the difference between a ‘birdie’ – a score of one less than par – and an ‘ace’ – when hitting the ball into the hole in one swing.

While 29 percent didn’t know the phrase ‘banana ball’ – used to describe a very sharp fade shot.

72 percent find the golfing jargon confusing, and 78 percent find the terminology funny.

But eight in 10 find watching golf relaxing and consider the Masters a really interesting tournament to watch.


  1. Snowman
  2. Barkies
  3. Fried egg
  4. Chilli dip
  5. Buzzard
  6. Airmail
  7. Banana ball
  8. Dance floor
  9. Back hander
  10. Cat box
  11. Carpet
  12. Dribbler
  13. Albatross
  14. Nineteenth whole
  15. Ace
  16. Eagle
  17. Flyer
  18. Handicap
  19. Fade
  20. Birdie