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We’ve seen lots of negative news about AI.  But I could maybe get on board with THIS:  Google just released a new A.I. tool that can go to work meetings FOR YOU. It’s called Duet A.I.  They’ve been testing it for a while but just opened it up to everyone this week.

Before you get TOO excited, it’s just for virtual meetings.  And it can’t trick your boss into thinking you’re there.  They’ll still know you’re not.

A feature called “Attend for Me” joins the meeting on your behalf, delivers any important info you need people to know, and recaps the meeting later on.

If you do ever decide to show up for one again, there’s also a “take notes” feature.  So at least you won’t have to pay attention anymore.  Or if you show up late, there’s a “summary so far” tool that tells you what you missed.

Sadly, corporate will need to be on board for you to use it.  It runs within Google Workspace, so you can’t just plug it into Zoom and go back to bed.  They’ll have to subscribe and pay $30 a month per person.