This Is The Most Frustrating Thing To Do During The Work Day

Too Many Emails! Make it stop!

According to new research on 2000 office workers, sending emails is the most frustrating task they have to do during their workday.


From following up, sending reminders, responding and drafting new emails – 48% of those surveyed said email is the most irritating task in their day-to-day duties.

Some of the most hair-pulling moments during their workdays were communication-based – from hosting or sitting in on meetings as well to speaking to managers and team members.


The survey found other frustrating tasks included creating new products or services and helping their customers.


Three in five of those surveyed identified the amount of “paperwork” they have to do throughout the day as their most mundane task. 


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Nearly half also pointed to outdated software and repetitiveness as the top gripes about their mundane work.


When workers were asked specifically what would help increase their job performance, almost half responded by saying that they’d like to improve their existing skills on the job as well as opportunities to learn new skills.