Half of Women Believe They’re Just Entering their ‘Confidence Era’

When did you start feeling confident?

According to a new survey of 2000 women over the age of 35, over half say that they earned their sense of confidence in who they are as a person at age 38.

This jump in self-esteem didn’t happen overnight, as nearly one in three felt least like their true self during their teenage years, downplaying certain aspects of their personality or complying with social norms.

(We all had Club Monaco Sweaters and a pair of Doc Martins)

Another 21% struggled most during their college-age years (19-23), meaning it took some women upwards of 20 years to embrace who they are.

(No more drinking Mike’s Hard Iced Tea) 

But better late than never — more than three in five admit that when compared to their younger years they’re more sure of themselves now.

(It only took two kids and a divorce to figure it out, but whatever!) 

And in the next five years, 46% expect a further boost in authenticity.

(This phase is called mid-40’s don’t give a F*** )

The poll also found that two-thirds (67%) of women are actively looking for ways to become more confident in certain areas of their lives.


  • Spending time with loved ones – 49%
  • Laughing/making jokes with friends and family – 44%
  • Wearing a new outfit – 44%
  • Good hair days – 36%
  • Covering grey hairs – 35%
  • Trying a new hairstyle – 31%
  • Exercising/working out – 29%
  • Feeling prepared – 28%
  • Compliments from loved ones – 25%
  • Excelling at my job/getting a promotion – 25%